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1. “500 Miles” – The Proclaimers

The journey had been long, and so so dirty. The blonde hair was almost gray from the dust that had settled into it. After all, she couldn’t just fly there. Not after all she had done with those powers. She kept looking at the photos she had on her. “Just a little more to go,” she told herself every night. “You can do it Terra. It’s not that much farther.” Finally she found herself at the island. Don’t ask how she got there from the other side of the water. Pulling out the pictures from their trip to the mall, she bit her lip. “Let’s do this.” Raising her hand up she knocked on the door of the Tower softly. Fighting the urge to run, waiting for what felt like forever, she leaned against the wall and slowly slid down. Closing her eyes to rest. She didn’t even hear the doors opening. “Terra?!” the raven haired girl’s voice sounded in shock. Before stooping down low to pick her up and bring her inside.

2. “Prove You Wrong” – He Is We

Tara was standing at the entrance to Sunnydale, wringing her hands together. It didn’t feel right. But she wanted to do this. Walking past the welcome sign she saw the places that she and Willow had been to before. Memories of their happiness coming back to her, she felt a hesitant smile coming to her lips. Willow made her feel so much more; confident, strong, like she was worth something. Speaking more clearly and not stutter nearly as much. Though the memory of the pain in her chest that day, and seeing the pain in her love’s face. How would she explain this? She had heard when she returned to life that Willow had started dating someone else. But she couldn’t just go on without Willow knowing. She wanted to know, if there was a chance that they could be together happy again.

3. “Pour Me Out” – He Is We

Here Spike was, standing outside the bar, smoking once more. The young man watched from the opening of the alleyway. He had a mixed relation with the vampire. How could he put it? Shaking his head, he walked over to the blonde “Spike. We need to talk,” he stated firmly. Looking up to the other, the blonde smirked some “What is it puppy? Does the rest of the Scoobies need me to do some dirty work?” Oz clenched his fists some. “No. I need to talk to you.” He reiterated the words. The vampire raised an eyebrow. “What is it?” he asked out of interest. True they never fully got along, but Oz had been fairly nice to him. What could it be? “I don’t feel right here… Willow, has Tara. And everyone’s in a relationship. I feel out of place. Like I don’t belong. Like dead weight.”

4. “New Year’s Day” Pentatonix

Once more, another year had passed. They had come so far since the last year. They gained new Crystal Gems, Steven felt like he had learned a lot. Looking to his new family members sitting on the beach with him, the boy smiled to himself. Garnet had handed out the pots and pans to the rest of the gems. Amethyst was so eager bouncing up and down, that wide signature smirk on her face. Pearl’s expression was anxious about being too loud with her item. Lapis had moved more towards the ocean, feet resting at the lapping waves. Peridot was following Amethyst’s example. Greg was sitting by his son with Connie. And Jasper, she looked so very confused about this human tradition. But she’d try; she was still adjusting to the life on Earth. The first firework shot up into the night exploding. The new gems jumped, though with the humans beginning their celebrating, they soon joined in as well.

5. “Life in Color” One Republic

Ken had found himself slipping away from the other DigiDestined to get a breath. He still wasn’t so used to this being on a team. He thought about being with them, and all the smiles that they brought to his face. It seemed almost too good, especially with his recent nightmares. So many painful memories of the past. He found it hard to believe that they helped ease his pain and fear away when they were near. Like the day that they surprised him on his birthday. They hadn’t let on that they knew until they were in the Digital World. There were streamers, balloons, and confetti, even a cake. Yolei had snuck it from her family’s store after Davis had convinced her to. He kept the photo that Kari took of the group surrounding him on his person at all time to remind him his life was colorful now.

6. “The New Kings” Vicetone VS. Popeska ft Luciana

“C’mon Raven, just one song. Come dance with us,” Beast Boy begged the other. “I’ve told you, I don’t dance.” “Everyone is jamming. You’re missing out!” “I said I’d pass.” Giving a defeated sigh the green one left the magic user to herself at the table with her drink, stirring it absent-mindedly. “Hey Rae.” “I just said I’m not going to dance with everyone.” “Well, how about just me?” That was a surprise, Raven looked up to see who it was who had dared ask that question. There was the blonde, she had a bashful look on her face “But if not I understand, I mean BB couldn’t even get you up.” She stuttered out. “Alright. I’ll dance with you,” she stated. Wanting to see what the other was going to do. They walked out to a corner not too crowded with bodies. They began with a slow swaying to get into the beat. Just dancing side by side enjoying the music and the company.

7. “Broken Glass” Three Days Grace

They were constantly fighting, surrounded by enemies. Who knew that they could work together like this? “Right!” he called out, lunging out and blocking a creature’s arms with his swords. The Angel and the Failed Chosen. Separated from their group and dived upon by the monsters in the dungeon. “Maybe I should’ve abandoned you huh?” the other retorted with a harsh chuckle. “I think you mean to say ‘thank you for not abandoning me’?” the red-head laughed back at him. They didn’t get along in front of the others. Could you blame them? They both knew that there were things at work that Lloyd and the others couldn’t understand.Mithos was much crueler than what they could imagine. It seemed that they could make a pact after this though. If they survived that was.

8. “Lullaby” Creed

Kid was watching over Crona while Maka was on a mission. She had told him that the other had been having pretty bad nightmares. With a mother like Medusa, Kid could only imagine. Hearing sobbing coming from down the hall, the Reaper walked down to the room. Gently knovking on the door “Crona, it’s me,” he said softly before opening the door to enter. Eyes watching the pink haired boy with concern. He was wiping tears that were running down his face, shaking where he sat in the bed. Walking to the bed, he sat on it carefully before easing an arm around the Demon Sword. Not saying anything, and letting the other cry it out with the comfort of him being there for him.

9. “Remember When (Push Rewind)” Chris Wallace

Thinking back to those times when he first started his Pokemon journey, Ash let a slow breath out. There was so many times that he didn’t catch all those moments when he felt his heart. They got into so much trouble. All the times that they got lost, sending Team Rocket blasting off. When she saved his life all those times, the feeling of jealousy eating him up when they were in the Orange Islands and she was flirted with by others. The time that they danced at the festival, she was beautiful. When she got hurt for him and he protected her. He missed her, she was his best friend. Looking to the phone at the corner of the Pokecenter he walked over to it. He dug out her number in a small pocket book. Dialing it with a shaking hand he picked up the phone. He wanted to visit her. “Hey Misty! Remember me?” he greeted jokingly.

10. “Get Out Alive” Three Days Grace

They had lost so many good people. Dale, Hershel, Andrea, so many more. Daryl shook his head as he licked his lips anxiously. This wasn’t good, and things were going south fast. They had managed to leave Alexandria, it wasn’t easy. They almost lost Maggie. Thank goodness Glenn had made his way back to them. The two were resting in the back of the car, they hadn’t let go of each other once they had gotten out of there. The bowman was standing watch. They pulled over about half an hour ago, so that they could get a moment’s rest. Rick needed to at least nap. Michonne was also standing watch down at the other end of the road. They needed to keep constant watch. His spine tingled with the ever closing in danger. He wanted, no needed them to get out of this. Rick couldn’t stay strong for much longer. He took a deep drag on the cigarette, before throwing it to the ground and grinding it out with his shoe. This was going to be hell to get through.
10 Song Drabble Challenge Take II
Take Two!
This time using my Youtube Favorites Playlist... It has so many more songs than my media player. So it made me think.

I had to stop mid-way through this at the beginning because I couldn't push myself out of the hole of feeling meh about everything. This early morning I told myself 'Finish this, and then you can sleep.' So I did just that.
NOW to bed with me.


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I have had trouble with keeping a healthy friendship before. Afraid to have it happen again. Lonely-Problems is my middle name. But yep. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my art.

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Said in the most loving way. I was bored and randomly clicking SU amvs and came across this jewel... and my pooor heart.

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YES! I've been keeping up thanks to the site I use. Sooo much is going on! *screaming* [s]Still shipping Jaspearl, no matter what. My single ship in this whole thing lol[/s]

Eh, I somehow knew that it wouldn't work out. She always made me feel like she was a kicked puppy whenever I wasn't 100% focused on her. <,< But yes! Even tho I know the fair items are like garbage I occasionally find neat prizes to get my friends! (Mom and Dad got me addicted to claw machines and coin pushers when I was lil)

It's cool it's cool. I'm like a super laid back friend. Like if I know you got stuff like school or work I don't mind if people don't stay in touch all the time.
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